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Saturday 2019

Exotica Kuttura – Chapter Two

Cartel Technoxoros

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Chapter Two 🎵 🗿🌵🙏🌏
After our memorable introduction, we all got to build up this amazing energy which is now meant to spread.
Our captivating story this time will be written in a very special place; An old Machine shop; Cartel Texnoxoros. Raw and remote is the perfect setting to host our next chapter. Moving away from what is familiar to new and undiscovered lands we’ ll create our new storyline.
From night to day we’ll dance to release.
Slow to fast tempos will shake down our inhibitions and leave us open to what is unsaid. A constant movement from grassy grasslands and peaceful peaks to liberating “four on floors” will be our journey from the inside out.
With words that never said and tales that never heard we will radiate.
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✯Pale Penguin (GR)✯
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This event is open to everyone who is respectful of everyone’s sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion.
Entrance: 8 €
(If money is not following you right now, there are always possibilities to help, just ask us.)
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Exotica Kuttura
Exotica Kuttura is an artistic project which aims to blend organic with electronic sounds – urban and native culture.
Based in Athens and Berlin, inspired by the world’s music and the 70s clubbing culture, Exotica Kuttura probes the notion of expression and relief through music and dance.
Part of the project’s work is to create unique storylines aimed to free the audience from preconceptions, and stimulate a true emotional release. What really prevent us from having a total connection with what is around us is our preconceived ideas. To facilitate that, EK looks for musically untouched urban spaces with little to no music history and transform them into “blank sheets” for stories to be written in real time.
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