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Saturday 2019

Exotica Kuttura – Chapter One


Chapter one 🎵🗿🌵🙏🌏
This is where we will get to meet.
All will take place on the first day of summer at an old Athenian building. Our first chapter will be our introduction, therefore everyone is to put on their happy mood and make this night special. We will take a journey of slow rhythms through different soundscapes, stopping to lands with flowing rivers, wild forests and silent mountains, finding the way to our open hearts. We will release; We will flow; dance and sync. In the end, we will all define what this chapter was. Dare to join?
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◆ Maugli (Ber) ◇
◇ Sunny ◆
This event is open to everyone who is respectful of everyone’s sex, gender, sexual orientation, race, religion.
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The Venue:
Communitism is a self-funded sociο-cultural project. It aims to mobilize social structures into re-activating abandoned buildings of our cultural heritage.
It was constructed through three events that were designed to involve three broader communities: creative audience, local artists and international artists. At a broader level, we are envisioning the creation of a new model for the activation of abandoned spaces that other communities can use, thus contributing to a new approach of common practice.

Exotica Kuttura is a project which is deemed to blend organic with electronic sounds, native and urban culture. A conceptual space that derives from the earth and feels the urge to return back to it.
Communication Sponsors:
❂ Shango Records
❂ Ode to socks
❂ Sun.Set.Go
❂ Hard.clo
❂ Ministry Of Concrete
❂ Νεο-λολ-γισμοι by Anastasia Voutsa
❂ Ραφίκι
“Músico quenista del Ande”, Martín Chambi Jiménez, Peru, 1932